Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out With The Old and In With The New

Love San Francisco, all this free love and making friends.

I told you I was here for the IOUC meeting and I brought Lille Stanley along for company, but then I spotted that bear Ujurak and I was cross, but I found out this is him going back to his owner and I don't ever have to see him again. To be fair, he is just a bear and nothing special at that, so I was polite and said goodbye nicely.

Then I went to introduce myself to Stephan, you remember the 'JUG' I met earlier. Well apparently he isn't a JUG, he is a JUG leader, (why does a container for liquid need a leader? I don't think I will ever understand these people). His real title is Java Champion, and he loved me, him and Bruno Souza, Bruno is from Brazil, and always wears the Brazilian Flag, (I told you I will never understand). They loved me. 

I explained I was the original ACE Director and the official mascot of the ACE Program, and they said they the Java Champions also have a mascot called Juggy. I thought it was going to be that pesky penguin, the one I attacked at Open World, but it wasn't, I am still not sure what Juggy is but I like him. We will be friends. I am not sure what will happen when keeper Mogens meet Juggy, he has a thing about Jugs but they may mean different things.

The I found out that Tory looks after these Java Champions for Justin just like Viki and Lillian looks after us ACE Directors, so I made more friends today, who all love me.

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  1. Hi Stanley, it was really nice to meet you.

    I agree that things are confusing in mascot-land, thanks for adding some more confusion, it makes things fun! I for one never though I would be able to wear a friend!

    Come visit me at or See ya!