Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diving & My Youngest Fan

Yesterday I made some new fans. I as you know love diving, Monterrey,(Iceland should be on this list), Florida and Denmark so I was really pleased that yesterday I got to go with my friends to the Diving with Sharks at Denver Aquarium.

I don't actually dive all the time, you see with no face I have issues with the breathing equipment, I have buddy dived with Mogens in the past but I am quite content just to watch most of the time.

So yesterday was even more exciting than usual because for the first time in ages, Dan, Mogens, Debra and I were to be together nothing could get in our way, but the life of an ACE vest is not meant to be easy and Mogens was poisoned by James Morle who wanted Mogens dive spot. I was gutted but perhaps that isn't the right word to use as I kept away from the Dane's guts that were working overtime.

At the aquarium whilst everyone went off to get ready Debra and I went to see the fish, and I made some more friends.

I also met a lovely little girl Zariah who was celebrating her 1st birthday. I hope she sees this posting but when I last saw her she was eating my business card! Zariah can almost walk and her mom and dad were enticing her into walking by using my card as a bribe. so those of you who think I am just a useless rag, I am not!

There are lots of photos and I will post more on my Facebook Fan Page later. The people diving are James Morle & Margherita, Graham Wood, Alex Gorbachev and of course Dan Norris.

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